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The-Manors website is intended to provide me with the opportunity to share information with anyone out there who arrives here either by design or accident. To all of you, I wish a warm welcome, and sincerely hope that you find something of interest in the ramblings that constitute these pages.

In the various pages, you may find information on the Brown family, Formula 1, computing, (predominantly from yester-year), photographs of any subject and anything else I can find to put in the storage allocated to me. Hopefully, the menu structure is meaningful and will guide you through the sections you want to visit, and prompt you to avoid the bits you may not be interested in.

Some of the pages in the computers section relate to the two computers that I built in the 1980s, one of which I designed and built from scratch. (See Colin MK I and Colin MK II). Designing and building a unique computer gave me many hours of pleasure and both computers ran CP/M, the operating system of the day. The computers section has a particularly 'retro' feel to it, not by accident! I will also post some information and pictures of vintage computer gear that I have been involved with. Certainly not an extensive computer history, but hopefully interesting snippets of old information.

The site will also feature information & photos of a Grand Prix nature, past & present. I have also posted pictures and videos from Silverstone in October 2007, when I drove around the Southern circuit in a Lotus Exige & Ferrari F360.

There is an archive section where I will mostly post photographs. Some will be old family photos, some on random topics, (including steam trains, castles and other stuff), simply because I can. It's my website after all, and I may give you some info about me as well.

I've tried to make the website as compatible with as many browsers as possible, but please bear with me if the browser of your choice doesn't render correctly. Feel free to let me know, and I'll try to do something about it. It's just a shame that something as big as the Internet can't be driven by one standard.

You may, or may not of course, notice two W3C images at the bottom of each page. Each one is a dynamic link to compatibily checks via the W3C online markup validation service which checks to ensure that HTML and CSS code meets the current standards. I'm particularly proud to display these at the bottom of each page, as it shows that my web pages are compliant with web standards. Click each link, any you'll see what I mean.

If there's anything you like, dislike, want to pass comment on, or would like more information about, you can contact me using The-Manors Feedback form. If you're brave enough to leave your email address, I will even reply to you.

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