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Brands Hatch 1982

The pictures below were taken at Brands Hatch in 1982 half way down Dingle Dell, just before Dingle Dell corner.

Race Winner:Niki Lauda World Champion:Keke Rosberg

This was the year that Rosberg became World Champion depsite winning only one of the races. Many of the teams, Mclaren Williams, Brabham, March, Lotus etc., ran cars that had no front wings, as they had for a couple of years. Overtaking was the norm. Where did it all go wrong?

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This is a map of the Brands Hatch circuit. It hasn't really changed much over the years.
(This circuit map of Brands Hatch is by Andrew Novikov at http://www.allf1.info/)
Driver: Nelson Piquet Team:Parmalat Racing Team
Car:Brabham BT50 Result:Retired - Lap 9 (Fuel system)
BMW power didn't give the 1981 World Champion much of an edge in this race, as he retired on lap 9 out of 76 with fuel system problems. Interesting point though, a World Champion in a car with NO FRONT WING!
Driver:Didier Pironi Team:Scuderia Ferraro SpA SEFAC
Car:Ferrari 126C2 Result:2nd - 6 Points
Driver:Derek Warwick Team:Toleman Group Motorsport
Car:Toleman TG181C Result:Retired - Lap 40 (Half shaft)
Driver:Alain Prost Team:Equipe Renault Elf
Car:Renault RE30B Result:6th - 1 Point
Driver:Jochen Mass Team:Rothmans March Grand Prix Team
Car:March 821 Result:10th - 0 Points (+ 3 laps)
Didier Pioni in action on his way to second place. Went on to take second place in the World Championship, five points behind Keke Rosberg.
Derek got the Tolemman up to 2nd place ahead of the Ferraris before retiring, officially due to a broken half shaft, however, the rumour was that the Tolemans were run on half tanks so they could put in a 'sponsor attracting' performance.
Driver:Andrea de Cesaris Team:Marlboro Team Alfa Romeo
Car:Alfa Romeo 182 Result:Retired - Lap 66 (Electrical)
Driver:Derek Daly Team:Tag Williams Team
Car:Williams FW08 Result:5th - 2 Points
Driver:Elio de Angelis Team:John Player Team Lotus
Car:Lotus 91 Result:4th - 3 Points
Driver:Niki Lauda Team:Marlboro McLaren International
Car:McLaren MP4/1B Result:1st - 9 Points
Driver:Keke Rosberg Team:Tag Williams Team
Car:Williams FW08 Result:Retired - Lap 50 (Fuel system)

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