Silverstone - My track day
October 27th, 2007

Extra photos from my track day
The pictures on this page were taken on the day that I drove around Silverstone Southern circuit. They didn't make it into the gallery on the preceeding pages as they weren't directly featuring me driving, or to be honest, in a couple of cases they're just plain embarrasing.

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Hello? ... Is there anyone in there? ... Come out from behind the seat Sir, there really isn't anything to be frightened of.
I'm losing patience. If you can't drag him out, I'm going for a cup of tea. Even the crowd is leaving.
George, why did you take this photo? More importantly, why did you let me pose for it looking like a real pillock? You could have told me it looked like I was wearing a bandage for toothache.
Even worse than the previous photo, because not only can everyone else see what I look like, but wife Lizzy is prepared to pose while having a good laugh at my expense.
A couple of Ferrari F360's lined up ready for action. The one I drove is No.7, the one at the back.
A different view of the waiting cars. My steed is in the foreground.
Nice looking car from the back ...
... and nice looker from the front 😃.
Would have loved to have driven a red Ferrari, but this is the car I drove, pictured from the back ...
... then from head on at the front.
Inside the cockpit, there's not much to see. No gear stick as it's all done by the F1-style paddle shift levers on the back of the steering wheel. They took a little while to get used to.
The Ferrari prancing horse.
The motor behind you ... 400bhp.
The door is open, beckoning drivers from the Lotus Exige ranks. "Come drive me" I hear.
Loaded up and ready to roll. I'm pleased to see that I wasn't the only pillock there. As you can see, there is someone else just behind the car with his toothache giving him some gip!
Not content with just taking photos and videos, son Mark wanted to get in on the action. Sadly, neither he nor brother George were able to get a ride in the track cars as they were fully booked on the day. At least he could sit in one!
Looks like he's ready to take off ?
Hands glued to his knees. Was he too scared to hold the wheel in case it rocketed off?
Bit of a smile now, ... because ...
... he's going for the steering wheel. Hold on tight!
The exertion of grabbing the wheel is clearly too much for teenagers to handle ...
... as he's starting to go to sleep.
Captured! Out you get, and head that way sonny.
Red 4 awaiting it's next willing participant.

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