Silverstone - My track day
October 27th, 2007

Photos from my track day
The pictures below were taken during my driving experience, and complement the videos you may have just watched. Or not !! Pictures are courtesy of son Mark, brother George & Silverstone circuit.

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Just a frame taken from the opening video to start the gallery display. It shows me blasting round Club corner.
Final checks as a passenger. An instructor is about to take me out for the opening lap in the Lotus Exige.
Checks complete !! A final word from the instructor & assistant to make sure I'm ready. You bet I am. I've waited years to get a drive round Silverstone.
Nothing to stop me now. We've been on a sighting lap of the track, and now I'm in the driving seat. .... taking off down the slip road that joins onto the Vale.
This is my first time round Stowe corner in a Lotus Exige, drifting out to meet the green cone at the outside of the corner while putting down the power for a blast downhill into the Vale.
125 mph down Hangar Straight before hard braking into Stowe. My third time through the corner, and this time I get to overtake someone who's not as fast as me as I put the power down and head towards the Vale. I'm in the grey car.
Coming up fast behind the slower car, I've got my foot hard to the floor. I need to blast past before standing on the brakes as I slow down for the Vale and into Club corner.
Fun in the Lotus Exige now over, it's time for the Ferrari F360. Checking out there's enough space for me & that I'm comfortable.
Another checklist to go through before I'm finally strapped into the driving seat.
Well I'm ready for the off. A thumbs up to son Mark who's provided some of the photgraphs.
No instructor in the car yet, but brother George catches me ready to go.
The Ferrari is fired up, and were just doing some final checks before ....
we're off. ..... YeeHaaa ......
Heading downhill into the Vale with one of the Stowe grandstands in the background.
Clipping the outside of Stowe corner squeezing the loud pedal as I head down to Vale.
Despite it being a bit drizzly when I was in the Ferrari, I still had fun. Great to hear the engine growl as you pressed the throttle.
Picture taken by the Silverstone camera sited on Club corner.
Second picture taken at Club. Shame no one pictured me overtaking as I blasted out of Club and headed up to Abbey. :-(

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