Website Design

General info about The-Manors
Thanks to the Web site design team for translating our requirements into reality.

Site design was carried out by myself, Ian, & Basil the Rat. (Basil is the small brown furry creature on top of the monitor).

All the pages on this site are hand coded in HTML and javascript, and the site has been designed using CSS to make life easier for Basil & me. The proud boast of this site is that 'No authoring tools have been used'. Page coding is done long hand, using the excellent freeware program, 'Crimson Editor'.

The site has been extensively tested to ensure correct rendering using Firefox, my browser of choice, IE6 and Opera. If you have any problems viewing pages at The-Manors, please feel free to report the faults using The-Manors Feedback form. Ahh, if only more web sites tried to be as accommodating!.

I've deliberately avoided using authoring programmes, as I wanted to try to extend my programming skills. Also, Basil complained about the complexity of using Frontpage, Dreamweaver etc., on the basis that it's difficult to remember how to use complicated software when you're only a small stuffed toy. He also didn't like the continuous references to "using" a mouse.

Where necessary, I have borrowed snippets of javascript from sources on the web so I can implement some of the nicer touches on the site pages. Once I have used the code, I look to understand what it does, then re-write it myself.

For anyone that's particularly interested, the excellent menu system was borrowed from a site I found on the web. The code is freely available, and did exactly what I wanted. (See link below). The many pages are maintained using Server Side Includes.

Standards Compliance
As each page has been developed, it has been checked for compliance with the latest HTML and CSS standards. Where appropriate, the relevant validation icons have been added to each individual page as shown below. When these icons are clicked on, they link to an on-line validator at the World Wide Web Consortium W3C site. Validation of the individual pages can be seen interactively.

Valid HTML 4.01 Strict Valid CSS!