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Zandvoort 1980

My first Grand Prix
The pictures below were taken at the Dutch Grand Prix in 1980 which was held at Zandvoort in the Netherlands. The circuit is nestled in the sand dunes right next to the sea. Sadly, part of the circuit has now been taken over by a holiday park. Most of the photographs shown were taken at the Northern end of the Panoramabocht. Bottom of the corner as you look at it.

Race Winner:Nelson Piquet World Champion:Alan Jones

In 1980, cars had very small front wings unlike during the past few years. It was also the era of the 'ground effect' car with 'skirts' running down the side of the cars which touched the ground channelling the air underneath. This created a low pressure area under the car which sucked the cars onto the track. The Brabbhams did not even have a front wing which didn't stop Nelson Piquet from taking second place in the 1980 F1 championship! Plenty of overtaking too!

Small front wings, shaped underbodies and turbos? Back to the future for F1 in 2013.

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This is a map of the Zandvoort circuit, showing the circuit configuration as it existed in 1980. Since then, the layout has changed with part of the Eastern side of the circuit given over to a holiday park.
This is a map of Zandvoort circuit as it currently exists, showing the area to the East where the holiday park has eaten into the original track layout.
(This circuit map of Zandvoort is by Andrew Novikov at http://www.allf1.info/)
Driver: Carlos Reutermann Team:Abilad-Williams Racing Team
Car:Williams FW07B Result:4th - 3 Points
Driver:Hector Rebaque Team:Parmalat Racing Team
Car:Brabham BT49 Result:Retired - Lap 1 (Gearbox)
Driver:Alan Jones Team:Abilad-Williams Racing Team
Car:Williams FW07B Result:11th - 0 Points (+ 3 laps)
Driver:Jean Pierre Jabouille Team:Equipe Renault Elf
Car:Renault RE20 Result:Ret - Lap 23 (Handling)
Driver:Alain Prost Team:Marlboro Team Maclaren
Car:Mclaren M29 Result:6th - 1 Point
Driver:Mario Andretti Team:Team Essex Lotus
Car:Lotus 81 Result:8th - Lap 70 (Out of fuel)
Driver:Rene Arnoux Team:Equipe Renault Elf
Car:Renault RE20 Result:2nd - 6 Points
Driver:Bruno Giacomelli Team:Marlboro Team Alfa Romeo
Car:Alfa Romeo 179 Result:Retired - Lap 58 (Accident)
Alan Jones shapes up to overtake his team-mate Carlos Reutermann. Nelson Piquet heads the pack exiting the corner.
Arnoux in front of Jabouille as they lead the pair of Williams's through Panoramabocht.
Derek Daly in his Candy Tyrrel leads Eddie Cheever in an Osella FA1 with Rene Arnoux not far behind. Neither Daly nor Cheever finished the Grand Prix.
Alan Jones leads eventual 2nd place man Arnoux out of Panoramabocht. Race winner Piquet is just about to enter the corner behind the second Renault of Jabouille.
Alan Jones getting the hammer down. Sadly, he was going nowhere fast as he only finished the race in 11th place.
Rene Arnoux pulling away from Panorambocht on his way to a 2nd place finish.
Driver:Gilles Villeneuve Team:Scuderia Ferrari SpA SEFAC
Car:Ferrari 312T5 Result:7th - 0 Points (+ 1 lap)

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